Oscillator sync problem

I noticed that oscillators 1 and 2 aren’t triggering consistently with every note.

That is, with every new note, if the oscillators are tuned to the same pitch, it appears they aren’t being triggered with the same phase, relative to each other, with every note.

I created a minimal patch where you can hear this clearly - just play the same note over and over, and you can hear the notes sounding very different, e.g. sometimes the sound is full, other times it’s very tinny, since one oscillator cancels out the other.

The oscillators have phase controls, so presumably this is not by design?

(Side note: why are the patches so big? This example patch is just two oscillators, so maybe it’s saving the entire library of wavetables with every patch or something?)

Try setting the phase randomization from 100% to 0%. That should fix it.
Osc sync problem fixed.vital (1.5 MB)
And yes, sometimes the patches are ridiculously huge for no apparent reason…:thinking:


I looked everywhere for that setting - I finally found it!

I didn’t realize that’s what the 100% value on the phase control was for - the values are unlabeled, with no tooltip until you start changing it… maybe not the most intuitive design option.

Also, why is 100% randomization the default? Anything to do with randomization probably should default to zero, so as not to create problems for e.g. bass sounds or kick drums, which would be very difficult to mix if the phase is randomized.

Hopefully any differences over what constitutes good init values can be addressed by allowing users to save a custom init patch, as in a personalised template that is called whenever init preset is selected. Obviously you can save a custom preset and just call that, but it’s a nicer workflow to use init.

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