Oscillator Solo Button

It would be handy to have a “solo switch” for the each Oscillator and the Sampler.

I often want to hear Oscillators in solo when building patches. Obviously, I just turn them off, but a “solo” button would be useful.

Not a must have but I think it would be a nice feature.


my sentiments exactly

I personally can see it being done by pressing right mouse button on dot on oscillator you want soloed (so code mutes other oscillators instead - something like reversed action of when you normally press it with left mouse button and it mutes only selected oscillator), I second this!
What do you think about it @Tytel?

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Just like it’s in FL currently:
(it’s really comfortable and fast way)

The only problem I see with

is fact that currently it has Learn MIDI Assignment, but other than that it could be absolutely neat and fast workflow and I think people mute/solo oscillator more often than assign MIDI to controls :smiley:

Yeah I wouldn’t put a whole new button in but maybe a hotkey for soloing would work. Will have to think about it.


I agree. The hot-key concept is better than my “solo button” suggestion.

Is there any news on this feature ? Would be very handy and actually would be such a gain of time for lots of us.
Thank you!

Tytel is still thinlkng about it