Oscillator Phase Randomization is not that random

When working with the Unison I noticed that even when 100% Phase is selected, the randomization is not that random as it could be. Even with a higher unison voices count (say 8) the voices often hit with a similar phase creating a punchy attack. So the unison is not that “creamy” and smooth as it could be. Is it possible to further improve the randomization? (I’ve been comparing Unison with a few other synths, so i know what I’m talking about.). This is very important for the bass and lead sounds.

It would be great to have an additional algorythm that would minimize this punchy behaviour by the Unison. Thank you.

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Might want to upload an example because I don’t understand what synth you’re comparing to or what sound you want.


Hi Matt. Ok, it is Vital working correctly with the voices. Is just The other synth is using a completely different from other synts algorithm. Sorry for the false alarm.

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