Oscillator output as mod source?

As asked in the title: is it possible in some way to do that?
If not, does it sound like a reasonable feature request?

Well apart from FM (actually PM I guess) of other oscillators, no. What did you have in mind? Filter FM?

Filter FM/PM is one idea yes. In instruments that allow it I honestly just randomly modulate parameters with osc output and see what happens. Because of how clean vital sounds I feel like it would do great with this sort of feature. I’ll write a request post I suppose, thank you for your time!

the result would be distortion

Filter FM is a pretty common feature in analog synths, and it sounds very different from “distortion”
In a broader sense the signal is of course distorted, but then almost all modulation becomes a distortion of the original input signal

well yeah, it’s distortion but often (to my puny experience) a nice surprise and I’d safely guess you can’t just use a distortion plugin to get the same results

The LFOs can run at audio rate – select Keytrack in the right-hand side of the LFO’s Frequency box. The rest of the box then shows the LFO’s pitch offset, defaulting to (-12 semitones, 0 cents). You can then use this to modulate practically anything: oscillator’s phase, or a filter’s cutoff, for instance. Note that the LFO’s Smooth control functions basically as a low pass filter, and doesn’t default to 0.

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Wow, thanks for sharing! I wasn’t aware of that, I’ll be playing around with this feature a bunch! Doesn’t fully replace what I asked about but I think it’s more than enough for my experimentation needs so far.
Thanks again!

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