OSC restart in legato mode with 1 voice polyphony

Hello! One more question from newbie if you don’t mind.

It’s about OSC restarting in legato mode with 1 voice polyphony.

I found that if the previous note ADSR release is not finished, the new note doesn’t restart OSC’s which results in random note start phase (which may be so critical if you want to get e.g. fat unison bass with solid attack). I guess in many cases it would be much more natural if OSC restart would follow the same logics as ENV restart: when you play legato there’s no restart, when you press new note with previous released (just on keyboard, even if it has a ‘tail’ and still sounds), the OSC’s are restarted.

Maybe there’s a way to set up such logics but I don’t see it atm. Please let me know if it’s possible.

Thank you.


Finally 1 more person in the world noticed it in 2021 world…oh m god, I searched for it everywhere in internet and there is no solution and almost all plugins do the same. I dont understand how people dont care about this crucial thing.

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I’m trying to make out what the question is about. In subtractive synthesis and also in Vital the oscillators are constantly on. They can change pitch when you press a key and in monophonic mode you would expect the single oscillator to track the pitch of the keyboard and with the exception of glide (the time it takes to change pitch) that pretty much all they do. Before the audio signal from the oscillator gets to your speakers it goes through a (simulated) Voltage Controlled Amplifier and optionally a filter. I believe that Vital has the first and default ADSR envelope operating the VCA in that it controls the volume. So when you hit a key and release that’s what basically amplifies the volume of the oscillator. However, and I’m a beginner at this stuff too, a lot of synthesizer manufacturers mix and match terms so it can be confusing. For instance, on my Wasp Deluxe when you have “MultiTrigger” on the amplifier and filter envelope fires on every note even when legato. If it’s not on legato notes sort of fade off and it can be a bit frustrating.

I think that’s what you are describing but I’m not sure. By osc restart do you mean the osc envelope retrigger?

OK. I was curious how legato worked in Vital based on your question and had a look. So there is playing legato which you have described correctly as not pausing between notes. In Vital the LEGATO button basically toggles whether the amp envelope fires again on a legato note. When it is selected the envelope stays at the level of sustain until the last note is released. If you want the envelope to fire on every legato note make sure it’s deselected. I hope that answers your question.


It is about the phase of the oscillator. He wants the phase to restart at every new note (not on legato notes) this is especially useful with tight bass sounds and similar stuff, since you get the same attack every time. This also makes a very fast attack non clicky with a sine wave for example, since the wave starts at “zero”


I love Vital so much, but for this specific problem sylenth1 wins. I used many synths over 10 years and only sylenth1 doesnt do it.
I hope vital developer or some tech guy writes me and I can show it with screenshots with analyzers. I really wish this beautiful plugin, Vital, free synth, to have this small but important feature and go more steps beyond other synths because it deserves it.

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If you want to make a tight bass that glides in the next note after first note, with the unison phase that retriggers again, then I think I found something that can help.

Turn the release knob at 0.5 seconds and tighten the release curve a bit. Turn the voices limit to 1 for monophonic sound.
Turn unison voices at 16, unison detune at 3%, phase randomization at 0%.
Turn on ‘always glide’ and finally, turn the glide knob to 0.075 seconds.

It’s easy to do, if you did it you’ll hear that it retriggers again and glides even if the envelope is still running yet. You don’t need to use legato at this situation. If I still didn’t get what you’re talking about, it’s okay at least we tried. :slight_smile:

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Guys, here is the result of my personal test. Please Vital support or someone knows about such topic answer. I ll willingly help. Its first time I write it on internet and I wont again please somebody help.

Ableton, simple bass single notes(no chords, no midi overlap) midi loop with pitch automation in Ableton midi pitch tab powered with Vital init preset with phase 0 phase randomization 0 and 0 attack and 0 rel and bend 12 ( bass glides whole note) and 0 glide(we use ableton pitch automation not midi glide) and rest is init (always glide, octave glide, legato buttons dont effect anything in this case)
So, here the problems;

  • If you make it 1 voice, the phase of the note doesnt restarts if it comes after a note with pitch automation but surprisingly if you make it 2 voice it restarts perfectly. Making it 2 voices solves it, but its not the way it should be and you shouldnt overlap midi notes.
    Note: I did the same test with sylenth1(polyphony 1 or 2 doesnt effect) and phase doesnt restart. but interestingly, if you freeze it and flatten(render it) the first notes phase triggers perfectly but not after the second glide.thats so weird. and Spire doesnt retriggers no matter what you do.

So guys, I dont know what is it about, maybe coding of synths maybe something to do with midi clock or ableton or latency? please someone englighten us about this topics with correct terminology, and lets bring sound quality to next level. All the tests I did with analyzers with evidences please Vital support or someone expert write me and I m willing to help. Thank you…


Exactly what i was looking for thanks. Yeah this needs to be fixed before i , um upgrade to regular version Lol.

Yeah dont think i ever used a vst synth that didnt have a legit osc retrigger.
Sound slike crap when trying for a tight psytrance bass.
Iam not a novice either.