OSC pitch drops on Logic Pro X

Hello! I have unwanted pitch drops of OSC 2 to -48 everytime I stop recording or playing midi on track with Vital. I have Logic Pro X 10.6.3
Any ideas?

Sounds like an unwanted midi assignment. Can you check that no midi command has been assigned to osc2 pitch?

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I’m not shure where should I look to…I don’t created any midi commands by my self.
Actualy this happens on every fresh new track with any preset of Vital. And I just checked…no matter if I stop playback of midi region by pressing spacebar or clicking play&stop on transport panel by mouse, pitch of OSC 2 still drops on -48

If you right click on Osc 2’s transpose then you should be able to select “clear midi assignment”


Yeah! Thanks! It hepled!