Original modulator value is permanently changed by secondary modulator

it seems like I just caught a modulator source writing a value to the modulation target’s own value rather than modifying it temporarily.

see if you can reproduce:

put an envelope on the filter 1 cutoff, set that value to 50
drop velocity onto the middle of that envelope amount icon, modulating the envelope amount via velo
trigger some various velocity midi notes
delete the velo send
the baseline/original value of the envelope parameter has changed to the last value that velocity gave it.

I’m using the Linux vst3i.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be happening or not, but I assume since you’re going to be super careful while doing sound design and setting your parameter to an exact value, that you would want that value to be remembered in the event you remove a secondary modulator from it at a future time. I labelled it ‘bug’ because it doesn’t seem right. one modulator ought not to have the powers to alter a target’s value after the modulator has been removed. it shouldn’t leave a mark so to speak. I don’t know if this is already old news (bug/feature) or if this is a platform specific issue.