Options to Apply Matrix

Idea: Map all knobs and sliders to the current state of the mod matrix, sort of like “resynthesize preset to wavetable”.
Ex: I have MACRO 1 Controlling the Chorus Dry/Wet; When the matrix is “applied”, whatever value the Dry/Wet was at with the MACRO is now what it is set to.

Reasoning: I like to do sound design with macros and this would provide a faster physical workflow.

Implementation: Have two buttons in the Matrix tab, one that says “Apply Matrix” and another that says “Apply and Destroy Matrix”.

“Apply Matrix” would map all the knobs to the current matrix values, and keep the current matrix. “Apply and Destroy Matrix” would do the same, but would destroy all the matrix mappings.
It would also be good to have buttons on each mapping to “apply” them individually.

Concept Image: