Opening Vital on Dell 4k monitor makes screen go black

I have Vital 1.5.5 and I just purchased 2 Dell Dell U2723QE 4k monitors. I have a 2023 Dell XPS 9530 laptop and I am connecting through display port. Intel Iris Xe graphics on the motherboard and NVIDIA RTX 4060 for the gpu. Running the 4k monitors at 3840x2160

When I open Vital either as a plugin in Cubase or as Standalone either directly on my 4k monitor or when I drag vital to the 4k monitor, my monitor goes to a black screen and then recovers 3-20 seconds later and then does this again and again. It can be so fast, I don’t have time to close the window. This happens on either monitor.

If am able to get the mouse to the title bar and drag the Vital window to my Laptop display, the black screen issue stops, the 4k monitor returns to normal and the Laptop monitor never goes to a black screen.

In standalone, if I drag the window to the laptop and change the size, then drag it back to the 4k monitor… it no longer happens.

When I open Vital as a plugin, the workaround above (of dragging to the laptop) does not work. I have not found any workaround as a plugin. The laptop monitor resolution is 1920x1200

Any thoughts on this? I’d rather not always drag the window to the laptop monitor just to use Vital.

Is Vital the only app with this issue?

I have a similar behavior from an older Dell monitor, but this is caused by my third-party docking station, and affects all apps. What solves it in my case is to turn off the monitor, and back on a couple seconds later. It may take a couple of attempts, but once I have a stable display, it stays stable until I switch inputs.

I’ll give that a try… thanks for the pointer.