Opening file with more than one Vital instance crashes Reaper

Using Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon, Reaper 7.07, Vital 1.5.5.

Occurs when I create a file with two or more Vital instances (two tracks with Vital or one track with two instances of Vital), save it, and reopen it. Just one instance of Vital, or Vital and another VST, works just fine and does not crash. No bugs observed until I save and reopen.

This occurs with the VSTi and VST3i versions. (The CLAP version is unresponsive and crashes if I remove it. The standalone version works fine) It was not fixed when I downgraded to 1.0.7 or when I reinstalled 1.5.5.

Vital on Linux tends to crash Reaper, but it can be be made a tiny bit safer by selecting one of the FX compatibility options such as 'default, separate process, etc" settings when you right click the plugin name when you are inside the fx browser. I find that it takes some experimentation. It’s unfortunate but Vital will still cause Reaper to crash even when you find an optimal setting for that. Only thing I can do is save frequently and try not to get flustered. My most common crash is when I show or hide the gui while the project is playing, or when I try to delete the track that vital is on when the project is playing. Something unsafe is happening between Vital and Reaper on Linux. I remember trying CLAP, vst2 and vst3 and they all hit Reaper kind of sideways. But since I like Vital, I’ll hang on for the ride.

Sometimes it seems to me that the best way to use audio plugins on Linux is to use Windows plugins and wrap them.

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it’s weird that even some linux plugins don’t work on Linux. i remember having an issue however if i made a track with the linux version of vital and try to switch to a bridged version. i think the different versions aren’t compatible with the plugin state settings that are preserved in the daw project file.

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That settings incompatibility would make sense, since the plugin format is different on Linux and Windows.

Edit: then again, if the issue lays in the standard plugin definition differences, the wrapper might be able to work around it. Perhaps you could get valuable input on this from the wrapper’s support or discussion boards.