OpenGL 0 warning on i5-10400 Win11

I have seen similar issues in other posts, but those users usually indicate they have old hardware.

In my case, I am using an i5-10400 that supports OpenGL 4.5 (see intel website link below).
The standalone version of Vital results in the same issue as the VST / VST3.

OS: Windows 11 Pro
DAW: Ableton Live 11.1
CPU: Intel i5-10400

I do not have a separate GPU besides the Intel® UHD Graphics 630 present in the i5.

Link to CPU specs:

That’s odd because my older i5 internet system only has Intel HD 2500 graphics with OpenGL version 4.0 and Vital works fine.

What is the warning message you see when trying to run Vital? That might provide a clue as to what’s going on.

Here’s is a comparison of the two chips. I can’t see anything in the specs that would explain why the HD 2500 would allow Vital to run and the UHD 630 wouldn’t.

Perhaps it’s a driver issue?

Thank you for your message! That brings hope, because Vital is an awesome synth that I am missing a lot.

See below the error I receive in the VSTs as well as in the standalone version:

Man. Forget about this. This was caused by a clean install of windows without adding all the required drivers. I downloaded drivers from the vendor (HP), but because of your message started searching for OpenGL Drivers for Intel.

Found latest drivers via:
Intel® Graphics – Windows* DCH Drivers

And now it works perfectly! Thanks so much for your support and steering me in the right direction!

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Cool! Glad you got it working.:smiley:

Oh and for the record if anyone gets that error message in the future the “OpenGL version 1.4” shown above refers to a different spec than the actual OpenGL version.

I remember Matt posting that it actually refers to the “shader” version (I think that’s what he said but the point is those are two different specs).

I’ll see if I can find his actual quote, it’s been quite some time ago.

EDIT: Here is his quote:

[quote=“Tytel, post:3, topic:3007, full:true”]
Vital requires shader language 1.4 which is OpenGL version 3.2[/quote]