Onse shot style envelope that ignores note length and sustain?

i was trying to create an ‘808’ type long release envelope that responds to any length note the same way, like a downward amplitude ramp and plays identically if the note is 1/128th or any other length.

what i’m looking for is how to set up the envelope(s) so that no matter how long or short a note is, the exact same sound as well as its duration would come out of vital.

looking for tips for the best way to produce this result.

I’ve been using just a very long release time with a concave curve, but results vary. Depending on how you do the midi notes, maybe some hold in combination with the release time?

Would love one shot mode on the sampler though, great feature request idea. Good luck! Imma lurk around to see others suggestions in replies for this though lol

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the closest i was able to get was to set the sustain to zero, and the decay equal to the release. but once the sustain is at zero it’s not clear to me how to adjust the release curve. maybe the curve is still there once the release part is flattened. but this only gets close to what i was looking for.

yes, a one shot mode for the sampler would be amazing, but the real eye of the needle here seems to be that env1 over-arches the whole sound apparatus. (unless you set the analog or ladder filter in the effects section with full resonance, then it may in some cases self resonate indefinitely without permission of env1 but i digress.)

Hmm, maybe create an 808 patch that you can resynthesize into the osc, so that the 808 has the decay/amp style you wish (I.e. The wavetable posi becomes the “decay” of the amp right?) you can use an LFO on the table posi
Then - I think you can use hold and release with full sustain in the global env to make a oneshot style 808?
Just idea, but not sure about this one

(you’ll need to coordinate the times between the original amp decay (before resynthesize) alongside the LFO running the wave posi, probably in env mode)

I think you’re spot on with the hold function. i’m starting to get it now. zero decay, zero sustain, zero release just use hold and an LFO as an envelope maybe. i think the hold can actually be set to maximum and for one shots it shouldn’t matter so much to the cpu, unless… anyway much food for thought, thank you Larry!

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No worries good luck! Lemme know how it turns out!

well, nope. hold doesn’t do what i’d expect hold to do. doesn’t hold the note at all.

Hold keeps the note at full sustain for the set duration, unfortunately it makes sense that hold responds to midi input/ note length, hoping it didn’t but was a guess

In that case, I’m all outta ideas sorry homie :slightly_frowning_face:

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well there shouldn’t be any cases where a synth like vital shouldn’t be able to do a specific enveloping job.