Oh great a new doorstop - linux - dwm - lmms

Hi there after waiting ecstatically for a few days for this, a quick rundown i am using: Debian, DWM and LMMS, so i go to the page I’m greeted with a Linux deb package(you wouldn’t believe the grin this put on my face) and so i downloaded and proceeded to install this deb package and well great it installed BUT…!

Now i try to run this synth standalone and am immediately frustrated as it decides to ignore the boundaries of the other windows in my tiling window manager literally cutting up the other windows shouting “ME FIRST!”

Then im like “its new that will be fixed eventually” and so i moved this synth over to its own tag to try and play around with it… now heres were the real issues come out to play, first it appears it does not even know where its OWN default presets are so i go looking and find it did not even install the presets at all! all the while using extensive CPU resources doing NOTHING… so im like “OK lets at least see what this can do”.

So i have tried to play with it and every time i use my keyboard to play a note as i cant be asked to plug my midi keyboard into something that at this point doesn’t even install its own default presets, it basically locks my mouse so i cant play a note and tweak a setting which is frustrating to say the very least…

Now i get a little sick of the screen space and CPU resource greedy little bugger and close the standalone version and try to load it in LMMS my DAW of choice, i find out i cant even do that i have to load it into CARLA to use it in LMMS for which this little CPU goblin crashes both CARLA and LMMS after a mere 15 seconds if that…

I have actually never been this ecstatic about something before and to have it all go to pot like this well it was disheartening to say the least, i actually loved using HELM, i really feel this whole thing was over-hyped and rushed out of production oh well i guess im never trusting youtube reviews again!

If it doesn’t work great for you now, use the synths that work for you, and wait for development to progress. This is a free synth with a huge feature-set. It seems a bit extreme to say it’s ‘gone to pot’ when the synth was just officially released today.

There are settings to scale down the size of the GUI. Just click the synth’s logo in the upper left corner.

On the matter of judging the plugin, is it not unheard of for plugins to just not work properly through Carla? Try using the plugin in a DAW that natively hosts LV2, like Ardour.

All ok from my side with the VST
Ubuntu 20.10
DAW renoise
VST version

I would suggest to try another host and try the VST version, change window manager temporarily and see if the situation improves.
You know, by excluding one by one things.

Constructive bug reports are always welcome I guess, complaints for a first release… Well, software can improve in time and 1.0 releases on a broad public will contain bugs for sure. (any kind of software)

Said this, this is a wonderful synth. I already have done two splendid patches with minimal effort. I love it! :heart: