Octave Scale Glide

What does the Octave Scale do in the Glide section?
Also, Legato seems to be broken. It seems to be always ON.

when you turn the glide knob fully up.
there is some “sound” between notes, when you turn legato off and no “sound” between notes when you turn it on.

This is older, are you using vital versin 1.0.4, you can see if you click o the V in the top left corner.

with 1.0.4 it seems to me allways glide is broken.

Does anyone know about the octave scale, can´t hear a change when i turn it on and off.

Yes I am on v.1.0.4.

When you turn glide all the way up you’re just getting a really long glide time, probably that’s why you aren’t hearing the glide. Also with legato ON, glide should only work when you play in a legato fashion. The Glide time should not affect this.

looks like a bug? i think matt is allready working to fix alot of stuff. maybe post it in bugforum if it is important for you.