Nyan Cat! (April 2021 Challenge)

NYAN CAT! (April 2021 Fun Patch Remix Challenge)

Nyan Cat SEQ.vital (442.7 KB)

1: Remix the sequenced Nyan Cat patch to your own taste and share it with everyone!
2: Include your patch and audio (Brownie Points for including your own Nyan Cat PNG)
3: Most importantly, Have fun!

(Extra / Tips)

Here’s a website to create your own Nyan Cat! Create your own Nyan Cat
Here’s a file if you wish to modify the note sequence of the Patch Nyan Cat Sequence.zip (5.1 KB)


Very Lost Cat SEQ.vital (440.3 KB)

I had so much fun with it :joy::smiley_cat::mushroom:

Nyan Cat on Mush SEQ.vital (1.2 MB)

PS: I used photoshop to making the pic :sunglasses:

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I love this one so much!!! :joy:
The photoshopped picture looks so awesome too!!

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omg, u should do this in May too

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