Number of presets and waveforms in Vital Plus

After upgrading to Vilal Plus I only see 235 presets in the browser (not 250), and 94 waveforms (not 75).

What can I do to find and install the missing 15 presets?


PS. I run CW in Windows 10 64bit. DS.

It’s possible not all of them downloaded. If you restart Vital does it try and download the missing presets?

You can also go to and see the presets in the packs there. If you find a pack you’re missing you can manually download and then import it using the hamburger menu in vital.

I’ll probably put some better pack management stuff in a newer version of Vital.

It didn’t help to restart Vital.

It would help if Vital could show the number of presets (thus eliminate the need to count the sum manually).

Unfortunately there is no “Vital plus preset list” to compare the installed preset list against. Maybe this is something you would be able to add.

Here’s my list of installed presets including the number of presets:

Factory Presets 7

  • Bilian 2
  • Databroth 6
  • Level 8 6
  • Navi 6
  • Unsystematic 6
  • Yuli 10

Afro 3
Databroth 21
Glorkglunk 5

  • Aweminus 1
  • Oolacile 5
  • Phonon 1
  • Voltra 1
    In the mix 5
    inktome 31
    Level 8 22
    Mr Bill 8
    Navi 19
    Unsystematic 35
    YY Sound Set 35

There are 43 factory presets and 192 additional presets, 235 presets in total . Can you see which presets that are missing?