Notes Pan randomly

Sometimes the notes pan to either side.(without settings)
Let’s say I have a patch and the C note pans to the left hard, then D pans to the right and E is centered.
How can I fix it, so that every note is centered, also what is the reason behind this?
(The answer is probably some basic wave theory, but couldn’t find anything on it online)
Thanks in advance!

sometimes as in some presets? or generally sometimes?

i’d try the width control and see if that helps.

What happens when you hit the same note over and over? Does it pan left / right / center?

Does it also occur when you Initialize a preset?

You could try right clicking on the Osc Pan knob and select “Clear Midi Assignment” if it’s there. If it’s not there then no Midi controller is assigned to the pan knob.

This connection in the Mod Matrix will somewhat produce the effect you’re reporting so make sure the preset doesn’t have that connection.

I don’t know what it was, but i loaded up the same presets today and its fine now.
Thanks for the help anyway.

(What made it weird how constant it was. Like I said previously for C it was paned left, D righ, E centered and so on. And it wasn’t random. if I pressed the same key multiple times, it didn’t change its panning, it was always left (or right/center depending on the key),
Not just for one preset but for more of them.)

Did you by any chance have a Midi FX loaded on the track in your DAW?

Out of curiosity where did C# or F etc fall? Was it every three keys were left / right / center ?

Anyway I’m glad it’s no longer an issue for you. If it happens again let us know.