Notebook Recommendations please


maybe you can help me out finding a good and save notebook working with audio and vital of course.

I actually have a Desktop DAW which runs perfect. And I had a notebook (HP ZBook 16 G2), which was messy…
at least i think that notebook had some issues by graphics. I’m not 100% shure… Tests and Benchmarks always had no errors. But I had Prob’s in Ableton and black screens form Vital VST.
…so this one is going to leave me…

By Time I learned some points to focus on…

-don’t buy a notebook with NVIDIA Card because of driver latency issues causing audio spikes
(I have had big latency on both Desktop and Notebook… so I think not to buy a Notebook with NVIDIA should be a good idea…)
if there are NVIDIA graphics without that latency issue please give me a sign, mentioning which one is yours maybe including a scree of latencyMon

in all websites focusing on audio spikes and getting lower latencies, just nvidia is mentioned… there is no talk about intel or amd graphics.
so maybe it really just happens with nvidia cards?
it’s about the internal power optimization in the driver… this causes that latency… several tweaks didn’t really fix this point…
they really lowered the latency, like 10 times lower, but maybe a different brand is still the better way for not getting latency by graphic process.

  • i’ve read at ableton, that min. Processor Power should be over 2 Ghz, RAM shoulb be best at 16 GB - I think 32 GB should be better.

Is there anything else I should keep in mind?

This one fits to all circumstances.[](http:// Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen 2 20TD0000GE - 15,6" FHD IPS, Intel Core i7-1165G7, 16GB…)
What Do you think about it?

It should run absolutely perfect with ableton and vital… That’s what I’m aiming at :smiley:

Thanks for your advice!

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I now ordered the linked notebook.

I will share my experiences with this one after using it with you.
I am pretty much excited. :partying_face: Hope the new intel Xe graphics is a good partner working wit vital and Ableton.


So how it is performing? What is Vital CPU usage in a Standalone mode? Does the laptop have a keyboard backlight?

Hi Igro,

my notebook will arrive about 7th of April. I think I can go in detail about next weekend.

Let’s see what happen :grin:

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1st Thing I can mention is that it is possible to go with that notebook running vital and Ableton.

On Instance of Vital using different pad sounds in Vital were possible with 15% in Recommended Quality and with almost 50% of High Quality.

The Ableton Opening Set was running about 30% on average and about 50% on peaks.
I used a RME Fireface on the lowest sample rate with absolutely no dropouts in the end.

Everything was running stable. Fans were not a real thing.

This was after tweak the whole system. Before it was absolutely none sense. About 87% on average with about nearly 120% of CPU… and lots of dropouts.

In the even it’s a now stable machine an Vital works, it’s not a system for me because of just getting to 50% with one Vital instance. (In Hi-Fi Mode)
This is just too much.
So I go check out a system with some better parts.
For not having dropouts it’s necessary to switch off turbo mode, so I will try a system with AMD Ryzen 5800H.


Did you turn off the “balanced” settings in the battery settings? You need swith to the performance mode instead. Second, try to make Vital using the Intel GPU (you can make this exclusion via MS settings).

Sure I did. One of the steps I did was going from balance to performance mode. I deactivated hibernate and other steps. For giving best results in Latency Mon.