Note properties and slide problem

When I set notes in piano roll and trying to change note properties or add slide, it doesn’t alter anything. What shoud I do? I have the newest version of Vital (1.0.7 at the moment). Thanks for answers!

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FLStudio ?
Slide works only with overlapping notes, and set the slide time in Vital.

Gotcha, which properties can you change and cannot change? In FL Studio I am able to change Pitch, Velocity, and all the Channel Controls for Pitch, Volume, and Panning, but I have trouble with the Note Pan, Note Release, and Aftertouch.

However, this is okay to me since I can change these most of these properties using automation in the playlist instead of the piano roll.

@MadR, you have right. I’ve just come to know with third plugins you can’t adjust note properties, only with stock plugins. Instead you can make automation clips. Thanks for replies :slight_smile: