Note OFF click (with video and preset)

No matter the oversampling I use, I get a strange click both on Note ON and Note OFF. The latter is what suprises me more, since Note ON could be something with the attack, but as you can see from the video the click at the end happens when I release the key before the decay phase completes.

click.vitalbank (299.5 KB)

@giohappy - if you set set the attack to just above 0 (e.g. 0.003), does it go away?

Nope, watch video below

I never see that, have you got some effects, in Vital or in the daw?

You can load the bank with the single preset that I attached to the first message.

By the way, that preset had some effects yes, but the click remains even if I remove them.

I can replicate the click. I think the combination of the lower pitch (-21) and the the particular wavetable frame might be emphasising it (even with the compressor and distortion off).
Perhaps @Tytel can look into it when he’s next online.

Hi Giovanni,
I test the preset and the click come from the envelope 2 release: set it to default time: 0.089 and the click disappear.
You could set the osc phase to zero.
I disable the fx.

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You’re modulating the level of Oscillator 1 with Envelope 2.

Envelope 2 has 0 Release, so when you release the note, the level of Oscillator 1 drops to 0 immediately causing a click.

If you increase the release of envelope 2 it won’t click.