Not Showing Up in Ableton (Windows)

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded Vital and located the .dll file and moved it to my plug-in folder. However, I am still not able to get the vst to show in Ableton. Any trouleshooting/advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

Are you sure that you have the 64-bit VST installed? Ableton only support 64-bit. Next to that, it might be that you have to force ableton to rescan every folder, this can be done by disabling your custom VST folder and then re-enable it

I didn’t see an option for 64 bit vs otherwise. How can I be certain I have the right one? If not I will try to rescan. Thank you

64-bit it an option which shows itself within the Installer!

This is what I’m seeing

I had a similar issue as well, I was not given a 64-bit download option.

I have Ableton 10 on my PC and it does not show up, no matter how many times I reinstall and rescan my VST folder.

I think it’s an issue on Vital’s end because it opens and runs just fine in Ableton 9 on my Macbook Pro.

There’s only a 64 bit version and it asks you to where to install it during the installation.

I would double check that you’re installing to the correct location and ask if you’re running a supported OS (Windows 10)

Hi there, I’m not sure if you’re still having this problem but for anyone else - what I found works is making sure the custom folder you are installing it to is in Program Files/Common Files in windows. Also the VST option in your screen shot is the 32bit version, so unclick that and just install the VST3 and standalone versions.