Not loading into Ableton + Crashing when logging in [MacOS]

Two problems:

When loading the vst into ableton i get an error that says “This Audio Unit plug-in could not be opened”

I reinstalled and the standalone runs perfectly. I tried logging into the standalone and it immediately crashed when i entered my password.

Any help on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello person,

I am also having the same issues on WIN 10. When Ableton is open in a “New Project”, I drag the VST into a new MIDI channel and without fail every time, Ableton Crashes.
I have uninstalled, restarted comp, re-installed… Same results
I have tried to open the Standalone app but it does nothing.
Task manager doesn’t show Vital app at all.

I think my computer might think its a virus of some sort. Not able to confirm this however, from other forums I’ve read, I heard this might be the issue…

Please help!
Running Ableton 10.1.30