Not allowing update

Each time i click the button to check for updates (from within the vital app), nothing happens. I am doing this from within FL Studio. I have also tried checking for updates from within the standalone app. Same problem. Nothing happens. Is there some kind of internet connectivity feature turned off in Vital that I am not aware of? I am running vital from an external SSD. Not enough space on my laptop. While FL is running from my laptop. I am sure that in unnecessary information but I thought I might mention that at least. Thanks

If I’m not mistaken the button on the gui is just to turn on/off auto checking for updates which is not working yet at least it wasn’t the last time this issue came up.

Clicking on it doesn’t actually check for updates it is simply an on/off button.

For now just check your account on the Vital site for updates.

thanks for the reply. Where would i check for updates? I am still using 1.0.0

Go to the Vital website, click on Account then All Downloads. Vital is at version 1.0.3 now and I think Matt said he wants to drop another update sometime this week.

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Got it. So I’ll just redownload it