Not able to use Vital in REAPER

The problem I’m having is I can’t use the presets in Vital in the DAW I’m using which is REAPER and I have a Windows computer. Specifically, I have a Dell and can’t use Vital in REAPER and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. My professor isn’t sure either because he does not know how to navigate it since he has a Mac. Please someone help as I have an assignment due Thursday, the 21st.

What do you mean by the presets don’t work? Are they not downloading? is there no sound output? Etc. Please describe your issue in more detail.

Have you tried a reinstall?
Was it working before?
Are they working with standalone version?

Please let us know your vital version, and computer specs

Hi! I mean when I open REAPER and I go to use the synthesizer that Vital comes with, it doesn’t come up at all with what I can use that came with Vital. I’ve tried reinstalling It and I tried putting the installation file with REAPER (since someone from my class told me to do that since they worked with windows but it didn’t do anything).

Sorry I still don’t know what you mean. It sounds like your factory presets are missing? Would that be right?
Try another reinstall, but make sure you delete all content first (feel free to make a back up of your presets first though)
Once you’ve fully removed Vital, try reinstalling the newest version, it should ask for your Vital log in and re-download the factory content.

Hope this helps (parles-tu français? ¿hablas español?)