"Not a valid email" message on splash screen

I just installed the standalone version of Vital. I can’t get past the first splash screen. I enter my email and pw, and it says “not a valid email”. Yet, I can and do use the same email to log into my account on your web site.

What version of Vital? Try removing all files and a re-install, usually should fix the log in issue

Oh, and make sure you’re connected to the internet of course

Is there maybe a typo in your email address, or a space character before or after the address?

I found the problem. My email provider is Fastmail, which uses “.fm” as a suffix. The login filter is too restrictive, as it doesn’t allow that domain. I deleted my account and created a new one with a different email address. It is all working now.

By the way, I found the “edit account” menu item, but it only offers one choice: “Delete account”. I was hoping to be able to change my email and/or password there instead of having to delete my account and create a new one.

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I need to change the email on my account because the provider is no longer reliable. There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit any account info, or get in touch with an Admin who can help. I have the early access version and would like to keep that, rather than create a new account and lose it.

Early access is public, you get it anyway. If you have bought a pack or subscribed, go to Discord and tag the dev.

I forgot to mention that I have the Plus version.