No working under a Daw, internet connections fails

I downloaded my Vital version, and it works well at the moment, but with some issues … It can’t be connected working within my Daw on internet. So, I can’t sign up when vital is as VST. And “Text to wave” table is not working, even neither as standalone.
What would happens if in my music studio I want work with no internet connection because I want to be safe about the virus?

Anyways It looks great Synth, great job!

Try again now, (no updated needed)

It still does not update here in the standalone version it works but when using the vst3 inside ableton the legend follows that I check my connection

Thanks! Standalone works great now. But when I am using it as vst plugin into my Daw doesn’t work. It is not able to connecting with my account or other internet connection. ‘An internal error has occurred’ message appears.
‘Text to wavetable’ option is also unavailable, it seems needs to be connecting with my account. And it needs that connection.
Thanks !!!