NO SOUND! What So Ever

I have Vital installed In FL11 Everything is there but when i click on a Preset theres no sound what so ever even though in the Plugin it shows the wavform of it playing

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You’re using an ancient version of FL Studio. The current Release candidate version is 20.8 and lifetime updates are free.

You can install FL Studio 20 alongside of 11. Try that and see if it works now.

Vital works fine in FL Studio 20.8 here on two different systems.


What’s keeping you from updating FL studio?

Even I am facing the same issue. I am on FL 11, no sound from vital. Seems like a bug, DAW version should not be an issue, vital developer might need to fix this…

Why should the developer have to support old versions of any DAW? How far back should he go ? FL Studio 4 ? Cubase 3 ?

Anyway just update your FL Studio…if you can. If you can’t then that’s the problem right there.

Lifetime updates are free to registered users.

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Hey…I think I found the solution…
I faced the same …in the plugin settings of vital(the gear icon at the top left corner of the plugin in FL).
There in one of the tabs you will find an ‘Output’ check box. Just enable it and Bam…you will start hearing sounds…

That shouldn’t matter as by default FL Studio routes everything through the Master Output. You should always hear sound from any plugin when it’s loaded unless your Master Output is set to “None” which it shouldn’t be . Then if you want you can change the output to an individual output or track.

thanks so much