No sound from Vital in FL Studio 11

I downloaded free version and installed. All went fine and I logged in to account first time open and wanted to try it out, but no sound comes from it. Its own meter show sound, but not my DAW. Everything else seams good. When I play one tone the CPU go up 30%. I tried the standalone version and there sound comes. I installed it today, 1h ago.

I have Windows 10, 64bit and use FL Studio 11.

Suggestion: Check what sound device and settings your working standalone version is using (by clicking on the ‘V’ logo in Vital).

Then try using the same sound device in FL Studio and see if that works?

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Hi. I had to go into settings in Vital wrapper in FL and chose output, but one channel didnt work and it was total glitch when I open in a big project, but work good by it self in empty project. I think it has something to do with buffer, just a guess. It would be great if it chose main output automatic and use the DAWs sound settings, not seperate as it seams like to do. Never experience this before with any other soft synths. Its sounds incredible and is a very nice instrument otherwize, just some bug to fix. Thanks alot for a free version!

FL Studio is at version 20.7 so it would probably be a good idea to upgrade from version 11. If I’m not mistaken you can install them side by side.

For the record Vital works just fine without having to adjust anything in FL Studio 20.7

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I am a reg user of FL since version 1.5. Did not appreciate them destroying a work flow I had down pat from a decade of use of their program. So I still use what I like.

I just peaked at number 4 on Beatport in my genre so apparently the tools you use don’t matter.

Maybe if you used FL Studio 21 you could reach #1 in your genre. You’ll never know until you try.

FL 21 sucks. Period. They increased legacy users work flow. They doubled it. They were too radical in their changes and I refuse to use that piece of shit. I might as well learn a new DAW, and I am too old for that.

I fixed the issue by the way. So thx.

I find FL Studio 21 to be lightyears better in workflow but then I’m always open to learning and growing.

I’m far more productive in FL 21 than I have ever been in any older version but then I gave up Blocks a long time ago and have never looked back.

I wouldn’t go back to using older versions of FL Studio any more than I would go back to watching movies on VHS tape as opposed to 4K Blu-Ray.