No option to delete?

no option to delete ?

If you have a question about synth usage, your could always ask it here. Questions about payment problems, or otherwise, also can get answered here.

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What are you trying to delete?

If it’s a patch you will need to delete it from your presets folder

C:// User / Documents / Vital / Presets / User

(or maybe it’s User / Presets, idk you’ll find it lol)

you can also delete a patch from within vital’s preset browser:

open preset browser
select the preset you wish to delete
right-click or ctrl-click or 2fingertap-on -mac-trackpad and select “delete” from the contextual menu

at OP:
what do you want to delete ?

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Lol we’ll never know

They were trying to delete… this thread

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Can you help me? I DM’d you a few days ago, and I emailed support over 2 weeks ago.

Hmm must have missed it. Just responded.