Nice Sounds with Unison Detune at 100 per cent

I found some nice sounds by setting Detune to 100 per cent with various voices assigned to single OSC.

I’d not seen this mentioned in videos but perhaps its been covered. It was interesting enough to me that I thought I’d post about it.

Pick a wave table and set its Unison Detune to 100 per cent, set Unison voices to 4 (to start). Now, move Detune Power until you hear a chord. Then try adding various Stacks to the OSC. You derive interesting extended chords.

Set voices to greater amounts and adjust Unison Detune Power for other cool chords. Some chords will be usable others not. The trick is to find chords by adjusting the number of voices and the unison detune power while leaving Detune at 100 per cent, I’m sure there’s more here than I’ve yet explored.

Have you tried this?


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Very interesting! A way I found is setting the unison voices to 3 and then adjusting the detune percent, makes it bit easier to find chords imo.

That’s the simplest and maybe the most useful. I set Unison Voices to 4 or greater and Unison Detune to 100. Each new Voice added requires the Unison Detune Power to be adjusted to bring out chords or just sounds. I find interesting extended chords with some settings but not others. I also find adding Format Modulation, and other typical modulations can help. Adding Stacks of various kinds lets you create more complex chords, I call them “Steely Dan” chords or “Stevie Wonder” chords…jazzy or perhaps “ambient” sounds.

I’m sure many synths can do this, but with Vital’s architecture I find things on it more easily than on some other instruments. Then I go back to those and try out things I worked out in Vital on them.

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Alien Iinterference.vital (475.6 KB)

Here’s something, use MACRO 1 to tune the chord to your liking

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Sorry: what do you mean by “adding Stacks”?

Good idea. Thanks.

On the “Advanced” Tab you can select Unison Stacks, a good set of choices is available. Using a Stack together with the 100 per cent Unison Detune is yielding some interesting chords and sounds.