New User-Vital Won't Start

HI everyone, I watched the youtube videos and was amazed at the possibilities of Vital. I downloaded the program and installed it. When I try to open it, my screen goes dark for a second and then, nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times. Can I ask for some advice or a perspective on what to do to fix it.

Im running Windows 64 bit Windows 11


Weird, try maybe a graphics driver update? Or make sure Opengl / DirectX are up to date

Is this happening with the standalone or in a daw?

Hi Larry, thanks. It’s when I try to open it standalone. I just Ableton Live so I could try to open it in there…when I learn how to do that/

What version of vital? You could try either the latest version, but also test a previous version too just to see as well.
Good luck!

I used the latest but I could try an earlier version. Thats a good idea. Is there a tutorial on how to open Vital in a DAW?

Assuming you have ableton installed
When installing vital, you’ll need to install the vst2 and vst3 version

The next time you open ableton (after a new plug in has been installed) it will scan your plugins (takes a few minutes) you can also rescan plugin from preferences.

Long story short, Vital should show up under “Plug ins” on the left side bar under Categories, you should be able to navigate to either the vst2 or vsg3 version by looking for “Vital”. double click to automatically launch a new midi track with the plug in on it, of course recommend to have a midi keyboard ready to play or turn on your ableton keyboard feature to start playing

Hope this helps! If not, any general tutorial for starting ableton or installing plug ins will probably help!

Thanks so much, Larry. I’m pretty lost technologically so this is a big help. I will download the other versions and give this a shot. I’m pretty excited to try to make Hammond and, hopefully, some brass sounds too though I know this is really challenging.

Im sorry, I cant find the vst2 or 3 versions. Im just seeing numbered versions of vital. Could you explain that if you have a sec? Thanks.

Sorry Stephen, the vst versions are part of the normal install for any of the Vital versions
Just in case you had unselected them when first installing, if you did the default install, they should already be ready to use in a DAW

Don’t be afraid to play around and familiarize yourself with ableton first, there’s great stock plug ins and synth ready to go :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I appreciate it. Yeah, my goals are pretty humble really, so if I can find stock Hammond organs and also some pretty OK brass, I’m good.

If you want Hammond, there’s a top tier VST for that by LostIn70’s Audio. They at least used to distribute it for free, but if you find it useful, go drop them a tenner or so if you can. They make some awesome stuff and give that out at no cost.

See here:

Herman, thank you! I will do so!

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