New user - 3 questions (voices, content and manual)

Hi there,

Just starting out with Vital. I’m kinda blown away by the design of it, especially MPE!

Here are my questions please:

  1. I can’t find the manual (right now I’m using the free version), where is it?
  2. I can’t see where to change the polyphony?
  3. How do I install the downloadable factory content?

Probably all this is in the manual I can’t find :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

Greg Killmaster

Hi Greg

  1. Unfortunately, there is no official manual right now. A community documentation project has recently been kicked off (Vital Community Documentation (not an offical manual)), plus there’s lots of information here on the forum, and you can ask questions on the Discord server (click the discord icon on vital’s home page once you’ve logged in).

  2. You can change polyphony via “Voices”, bottom right on the Vital gui (the init preset has 8 voices).


  1. The content should download automatically. If it hasn’t you could try:
  • logging out / logging back in (via the ≡ menu, top row of the plugin)
  • re-installing
  • or you can download manually here
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very much appreciated! Not sure how I didn’t see the voices box.