New To Vital, Install only loads stand alone version

New to Vital, thank you so much for a sick synth! I am a sound designer who needs to use it with Pro Tools, and I know there’s much talk about developing an AAX version, and I hope that’s still ongoing or will be…in the meantime I’m considering using Blue Cat Audio Patchwork to interface Vital with Pro Tools but from what I understand Patchwork will only be able to interface VSTS or AUs into Pro Tools. However my install of Vital doesn’t give me the option to load a VST, I think the install just allows me to install the stand alone version. Is there anybody with experience using Patchwork or is there any other way around it to be able to utilize Vital with Pro Tools?

Make sure you’re using the latest installer. This is what shows in the Windows 1.0.8 installer:


Thanks! I actually found the location of the VST, since I use Pro Tools I never really have to deal with VST plug ins…I plan on using Blue Cat Patchwork to be able to interface Vital with Pro Tools…all good now thanks for the help!

Did you notice in the screenshot above that there is an AAX Beta in the latest installer ? :wink:

I did see that! When I install on a mac, I don’t however get an option to select or de-select what I want or don’t want to install, it just installs without asking me any questions

Ok you didn’t mention you are on Mac. I have no idea what happens on that platform.