New subscriber pack from Yuli Yolo (YY)

Just dropped a new free pack of 20 presets by Yuli Yolo in all subscriber accounts.
Hope you like it!


Thank you! This is the folder “YY Sound Set”, right?

Yep, if you click on the “YY Sound Set” folder again it will expand and show the “Subscribers” folder underneath and it should have 20 plus a few more from the original subscriber pack.


Thanks Whywhy why :wink:

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Thanks! Do we need to download it manually or is it downloaded automatically when opening Vital?

Should auto download but if not you can also grab it from


Hi @Tytel, i´m new here. I can´t find the Yuli Yolo presents? Any suggestions? thanks!


Thanks Matt! I only subscribed yesterday so it’s great to be seeing the benefits of a sub almost instantly! :slight_smile:

Loving Vital BTW… I’ve already spent about 6-7hrs experimenting with TTWT alone. Very cool and will certainly be featuring in future projects.