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Great work the is amazing vst , look forward to any future updates . Just a thought would it be possible to expand the additive synthesis feature its a bit hidden would made a great addition to this lovely vst synth .Not sure if it is widely know about Databroth demos this on youtube ! thnx jono :grin:

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its wavetable synth, not additive. it even say “wavetable” on main web page of this synth.

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To be fair it does certain “additive stuff”, mostly because Vital internally handles wavetables in spectral format, rather than as a sample block (see: Practical Guide to Optimized High-Quality Wavetable Oscillators - Matt Tytel - ADC21 - YouTube where Matt breaks down how he handles wavetables spectrally in Vital). Which is why Vital has the “spectral morph” knob which other wavetable synths don’t… it’s doing some of what additive synthesizers do to manipulate the relative phases and amplitudes of a waveform’s partials, which is not something typically seen in wavetable synths (the only one that comes to mind is the Atomic stuff from Toy Box but that’s modular parts for Reaktor, not a conventional VST).

Where Vital “breaks down” as an additive synth is mostly that it can’t control the tuning/pitch of the partials. Even stuff like inharmonic stretch doesn’t really adjust the actual tuning of the partials themselves, at least not down in the lower registers where it would be apparent. Which is rarely something you want to do anyway in most cases (it has uses for very very accurate resynthesis, such as in Harmor, or for certain physical modeling techniques although in that case you’d usually want to control the detune of the notches of a resonating comb/modal filter in most cases, not of an oscillator itself)

Not that I would say no to the ability to retune partials, either by hand, or as an effect, or as resynthesis functionality. But the point is that barring that distinction, Vital is a pretty competent additive synth. Putting it up against something like Razor or Harmor, it can do a LOT of what makes those synths interesting (custom filter shapes based on spectral level manipulation, phase dispersion, spectral shifting), even if it isn’t technically as powerful when it comes to really bizarre atonal effects.


Fantastic thanks didn’t know about this video, and yes it is the “spectral morph” does allow harmonic modulation akin to razor (i m very lucky to owner :grin:). Additive is my favourite synthesis ,as studio engineer the Hammond c3 is always an impressive beast - a lot of grit and real time harmonic inter action . Here is data’s u tube

Thanx for your reply jono


Databroth video

Okay that’s goddamn ridiculous. I never would have thought to do that, but it makes perfect sense. Granted it can only do 16 partials that way… but you know, you could stack 3 oscillators with 16 partials each as long as you created like, “harmonic series part 2” and “harmonic series part 3” oscillators, each starting higher up, for a total of 48 partials. Which can then be detuned parametrically as shown.

I was about to make a smug comment about how “harmonic modulation akin to Razor” is a pipedream and to try to recreate an effect like Centro in Vital… guess that’s what my foot tastes like.

Very, very cool stuff.

EDIT: worth noting that where that’s neat for wacky smearing effects, it doesn’t integrate well into a “true additive workflow”; the spectral filter, for instance, will not process this “unison fakery” well, I don’t believe. Certainly it won’t work if you stack additional harmonic series oscillators. The reason being the spectral filter is applied to the initial waveform from the table, not the final voice, so without proper detuning of all the partials the filter won’t respond right. And obviously this technique is useless for resynthesis (when you stop making comparisons to Razor and start making comparisons to Harmor, for instance). It’s still a very cool technique though.

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Hope you looked at the later posts , knowledge is all important ! It can just be a wavetable synth if thats wot u like :laughing:

i think i missunderstood you at first time, sorry. i still think adding new type of synthesis is waste of time tho. its because there are a lot of good free addiative synths that would be better than vital in this synthesis type. and vital just being wavetable would have more sense that being every type of synth ever. it would just make it middle at every type instead very good at one

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Hi ,
Thanks i understand where you are coming from , Vital very good synth in its own right ! There is no need to change it / it does sound close a Fourier synth. Matt very good developer and it would expand the sound possibilities. I have 3 Fourier style synths as they my favourite , LOOM 11 is crazy different but very buggy no very stable when using samples , shame ! Would love to know of any free synth in this style , looked at one free one very basic .Plz let me know (also most are 32bit and about 12 yrs + old)
Please consider harmor the resynthesis , are not samples so you can play vocal harmony’s as the sound is reconstructed with the partials . I understand many producer bought it for this reason , this is a little lacking and boring .As an aside you can drag picture and somehow it use them a crazy oscillators .

If you you like as a wavetable synth good for you , may be of interest one day . You dont have to use it .