New, more "analoguish" filters

Vital is cool, no arguments. Filters are nice, but not quite “there” yet. Are there any plans to make “v2” filters? That would be cool. In a more busy mixes it is not that obvious, but in more minimalistic setups it can be spotted.

My comment was made after watching the Venus Theory video comparing two analog synths with the Vital. After doing my own tests I figured out, that he, most likely, used the Vitals default decay curve, which is quite linear comparing to some analogue synths. I was able to reproduce those analogue curves (amp and filter envelopes) and got a similar sound and results at the end. So cannot blame Vital in this regard anymore.

I think that the amount of the “curvininess” must be changed in the “initial” preset to a more exponential curve. This would gives a listener a better feel and impression.

I love Vital a lot, but I do think the filters are not its strongest side. They are cool, but would be lovely with some analog sounding filters.

I also think the distortion fx could be updated with a few more options, like simple saturation and maybe some tube/tape algos too.

But still love it and play with it pretty much every day :slight_smile:

Yeah, more distortion types would be better.