New member w/ questions about the Compressor

New member and new to using Vital. Main synths are Dune 3, Rapid and Europa so im very comfortable with wavetable synthesis and Vital thus far. However, the compressor is just not clicking with me despite messing with it and reading the manual. Im a bit embarrassed to ask seeing that I do game sound design for a living, but can someone give me a break down on how the compressor works in Vital? Ratio, compression amount, threshold, upward vs downward, etc. Im just not finding it intuitive.

I appreciate any help here and I look forward to digging into Vital more!

Graphic from the Vital Discord

Ratio: The white lines present on each band
Compression Amount: The height of the green bars
Threshold: The space between the green bars
Upward Compression: Anything beneath the lower green bar
Downward Compression: Anything above the higher green bar

It’s kind of like OTT

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I appreciate this man thank you… First time i have seen a Comp handled this way and the diagram helps.

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sometimes i wish the compressor was just a clipper. would be cool if it had that mode.