New 1.0.5 Window & Linux Update Changelog

v1.0.5 Windows and Linux Build Changelog:

  • More fixes for screen resolution things.
  • Fixed some screen resolution issues.
  • Fixed crash when changing skin colors a lot.
  • Recording some errors if they happen.
  • Possible fix for linux nvidia drivers.
  • Possible fixes for flashes on some linux systems.
  • Fixing some skinning bugs.
  • Fixed saving MPE enabled to preset.
  • Using arrows to browse presets/content.
  • Fixing macOS warnings.
  • Handling some login errors better.
  • Fixed headless linux build.

No 1.0.5 version for mac.
This is taken from vital discord build channel that post information for new builds automatically.


Thank you! I suggest a more explicit title, like “Vital 1.0.5 available for Windows and Linux”.

Thanks and made an edit.


Working fine now on Mint 19. Thanks.

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I just tried it on my Slackware 14.2 box with the libcurl/libcurl-gnutls patchelf workaround, and it seems to no longer crash on start. Yea!

Hmmm… I may have spoken too soon. There is no display running from jalv.gtk. This is tested with 1.0.5 on both NVidia and Intel GPUs. While I have a heavily hacked version I typically use, I just rebuilt jalv from drobilla’s master branch, and I see the same thing. Trying to add the lv2 as a plugin from qtractor simply hangs qtractor. Since my principle use is via jalv, I’m still stuck on 1.0.3 I guess.


using keyboard arrows to browse presets don´t works for me. Does it work for others? :nerd_face:

Works for me. Focus needs to be on the preset browser. If you poke around with your mouse on the virtual keyboard still visible in the main window, the preset browser will lose focus and arrow keys stop working. Use the key row “asdfgh…” to preview patches instead

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works when preset browser is open.

found another thing, when x and y/z key is pressed you can shift octaves for asdfg up and down.

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