Negative Attack? What does it do?

Hi. i noticed that at least two synths (Vital and Pigments) have an attack set to zero by default, but can be tweaked even bellow zero. What is the purpose for this? Thank you.

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Doesn it mean that you don’t know too?

Vital can do everything

Is it really negative though? :wink:
What you see is not always equal to what happens under the hood… now the question is can attack time be negative? And if so, what does it mean in musical terms?

Surely I’m not implying real “negative” value, like - 0.5. LOL. I’m asking what is it the point for the knob that by default is set to zero to go even more bellow that point.

If you alt-click any knob, you can see an unrounded more precise number that you can edit. Doing this shows that the value 0.00 on the attack knob is representative of all of the values from 0-0.000499534 as anything in that range automatically gets rounded to 0.00.

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