Need Pro version for Pro Preset pack or not?

Hi there!
I was wondering whether I need the Pro version of Vital in order to download (payed) preset packs that are marked as “Pro”. Or can I just buy them in any case, even if I use a free version of Vital. I’m more interesting in expanding with interesting presets for my music productions rather than having more features, because I don’t spend that much time figuring out the synth and making my own presets (no time). I’d rather just download the presets I like (1 or 2 packs).

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Hi Marcel

To try answer the first question - you can get the Pro present pack in 2 ways - 1. subscribe and build up credit in store to buy packs and extra things or 2. Buy pro to get instant access.

Also look at the “share” section of the forum - many links to free or fair priced Vital banks and wave tables.

So it means I cannot use a Pro pack even if I pay it, as long as I do not either subscribe or buy the pro version. Just checking to be sure. So the preset packs marked “Pro” cannot be used unless you have the Pro version of Vital. Is that right?
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If I understand your question right then the answer is this:

The price you see is for the individual packs, you can buy them with the free version as well.

If you upgrade to pro, all those (marked with pro) packs will be included.

You can buy the Pro packs to use with any version of Vital. The “PRO” label is just to show that it’s included in Pro.

Just note that the pro/plus packs are a big discount compared to buying them separately.