Need help with vst2

Okay so I download a bunch of presets and project files, shoutout to Bunting check out his sick tutorials, but they wont work because Aparently I dont have the vst2 file. The newest instal file only has vst1 and vst3, so wierd, and I’ve never seen this kind of madness. Where can I find the vst2 instal?

There is no VST1. It’s either 2 or 3. The VST2 will be in .dll format while the 3 will be in .vst3 format.

No “madness” at all…Vital%20021422-1

well it says vst and vst3, and ableton wont open the project file because it demands vst2

The VST2 format was first released in 1999. There is no such things as a VST 1 plugin these days.

The installer gives you the opportunity to install the VST2 (just called VST), the VST3, the AAX Beta or the Standalone.

Why Ableton is not seeing the VST2 I can’t say since I don’t use Live.


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in the balls of course, in the balls…

But jokes aside… Just install Vital again and select older vst format to be installed (NOT VST3) then make sure you have Ableton scan the folder where you installed it. There is your vst2.


I’m not sure why we bother sometimes Miss Melody…:thinking: