Need Help with Final Countdown Sound :c

Im trying the get the powerfull right Hand of the Final Countdown. Im relative new to Vital and Software Synthesizers. Im struggeling with the right brassy Sound. Im not getting enough power to the sinth. The left Hand was not a big Deal for me and isnt that important as the iconic melody. Have some of you already made this right Hand sound in Vital or can give me some tips with the Envelopes and LFOs for the Brass (seems like a horn) It would be really if sb is able to help me :slight_smile:

maybe it is the “BRASSSTAB” of the JX8P
(rumor says jx8p was used and probably doubled with a tx816)

heres a screenshot - maybe it helps

that’s from the quite welldone pg-8x vst/AU
should be downloadable somewhere

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Thankyou a lot! You saved me so much time :slight_smile:
That free synth is amazing and the preset as well. I adjusted the sound in Bitwig a little bit, now im ready for my next band session tomorrow.

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was a pleasure

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