My work machine is airgapped, is there a way to install without the internet?

My work machine is airgapped (not connected to the internet), is there a way to install without the internet?

I have an airgapped system as well,I will experiment and see if a workaround exists( some vendors allows you to download a licence key or code which can be saved to removable media and copied to the target machine).

I did download on this machine and copy the files over to the airgap but it didn’t work, I suspect it is a registry thing I must dig into.

Just my bad luck I have to either upgrade or replace my airgapped machine, HDD is showing signs of serious degredation, oh well such is life…
I suspect that vital has to “phone home” to verify your acount credetnialsas, theese details are stored remotely and then I think get mirrored localy in a configuration file someplace( what I don’t know is whether a hardware check is made, I suspect somehow a tally is kept of how many copies of vital are installed per user).

such a pity it doesn’t have a register offline mode, I know a fair amount of people who use airgap workstations. If I get it right, I will update, good luck with your machine

There was supposed to be an offline install version…

but Matt seems to have sidelined for some reason

The installer I downloaded at launch has the whole synthesizer in it, but there’s no presets (even the free ones aren’t packed with it.) Has that changed since then?

The content is now downloadable for offline install in the “all downloads” section for accounts!

THANKS MATT! :smiley:

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