My Vital BUGS! pls help <3

Hi there
When i want to open up Vital in Fl studio (version 1.0.8), screen goes black except from the plugin (see picture). Can anyone help?

Thanks <3

So we can best help, please give your OS and if you’re using the vst or vst3 version.

I’m on windows 10. And ii’m not quite sure if its vst or vst3
Thanks alot for you’re respond :slight_smile:

Try to set Windows UI scaling to 100% in display settings of your OS and try to run FL Studio again. You could also check if your GPU drivers are up to date.

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changing the UI scaling didn’t help unfurtunately :frowning:

I wil try to update my GPU. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have seen similar to that, which involved the compatability settings for the DAW (FL Studio in your case).
Find FL Studio exe in File Explorer then have a look at properties/compatability/change high DPI settings, make sure no options are checked.
Cheers, pcr

I would uncheck this option in the FL Studio Plugin Manager:


Then do another plugin scan with “Rescan previously verified plugins” and “Verify plugins” both checked on.

Then make sure you’re using the VST 2 version of Vital. Not only for this issue but others as well. The VST 3 version has been the source of problems in the past and that’s not Vital’s fault. In my experience both as a user and beta tester for many plugins the VST 3 versions are almost always more problematic.