My sounds are lower that it should do

Hello all,
so here is my problem, I tried to redone a cool preset that I had on Serum, and I noticed that it is lower, all the high end are gone, I don’t have any explaination. I noticed this on other sounds as well. Have you an idea of why it does that ? (I can’t attached the video i’m a new user)

not sure - but something to perhaps try … increase the modulation amount on the filer or, if it’s at the max already, increase the initial cutoff position of the filter a bit so when modulation is at its max, the filter is 100% open.

Thank you for the response. I already tried that actually. To get the right amount of high end I have to change the sound completely. I do not understand why when to my mind it should sounds relativly the same

different synths, different filter characteristics I guess.
couple of more things to try: try using a 6db filter, try using EQ as effect to boost the highs.

If it’s this it’s sad. Cause that is the base of the sound. If the filter cut the high end wtf? Its not that the high end are lower, there are actually not there, you can see it on the eq.
Thank you anyway

Isn’t the purpose of a low pass filter to cut the high end?

Also, why should the two synths sound identical? I don’t believe Vital has been written as clone of any other synth. It’s the differences that make it interesting :slight_smile:

Why don’t you post the vital patch and ask if someone to take a look.

I feel a little animosity in your answer. Maybe im wrong. I just ask a question to understand, Im not a professionel of sound design.
It doesnt have to sound the same in my mind; but with the same wavetable, and a basic filter as a low pass 12db; I think it should sound the same. Once more maybe Im wrong but then I do not understand why.
Hopefully its not the same as serum no point to download it if it was. But I would like to understand how it works and why it sounds like this when it should not

No animosity intended.
I don’t believe all filters are the same.
My last suggestion: try the digital filter - it sounds brighter to my ears.
All the best.

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FAT on serum filter is boosted, i am not sure how you would simulate this in vital, the drive built into the vital filter works differently than serum and will not boost the volume but boost the harmonic

Your random phase on oscillator 1 is at 100% in vital and on 0 on Serum

There is also some Amp modulation in serum on osc 1 level that is not present in Vital

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@Crater you have better eye sight than me :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you as well for the response. The random phase is my choice to emulate the thing on serum. Because it doesnt have an “off” option for lfo on Vital so I choose to do it via randomisation. I dont think it matters here.
For the amp modulation; on serum its just a LFO who looks like a simply envelop so I didnt copy it.
I guess there is no solution then; must be the filter wich is like this I guess as Andrew told me. I find it a bit disturbing tho.
Thank you again

I have also noticed a very different response with the resonance between the two , if you are maxing out the res you are effectively self oscillating the filter, try dropping the res a little.

Does the sound character remain in serum if you drop the FAT?

why dont you randomise the phase of the lfo, instead of adjusting the phase of the oscillator? your trying to emulate a free running lfo right?

use note on random with LFO phase slider, this will get you close to what your looking for with LFO off.

and i guess, as much as 99% of the techniques used in Serum are transferable, they are different bits of software . and different filters they are what makes both devices unique at the end of the day so use both for the strengths they have!!!

I put both res at 80%, I will try to reduce it to see.

I will try as well to reduce the FAT to see, I dont how it sounds without.

Yes I tried to emulate the lfo on off, I will try what you say as well. But it was to have both sounds the closest possible, in fact it doesnt affect the sound that much.

Thank you for these responses. I will try it tonight