My second controller is being read backwards

I am trying to create a voice in Vital but I’m new to it. I created a voice and got the mod wheel to add vibrato depth and it works fine. I created a macro for my second synth wheel to control the frequency of the lfo and it works, but it works backwards; I want the lowest speed at the bottom of the wheel and the fastest at the top of the wheel but I’m getting the opposite. Can I reverse this in Vital? I am using 1.07 because it’s the latest version I can get that runs on my old Windows 7 machine.

Thanks in advance.

Reverse the direction of the modulation (the small green wheel) or simply invert the lfo shape for a quick fix

If I invert the LFO, then the regular mod wheel will be going backwards, so I’ll just be moving the problem; at least, that’s what I think. Anyway, I can’t figure out how to invert it, so for now it’s moot. As reversing the direction of the modulation, which green wheel are you referring to? Pardon my ignorance; I’m really just finding my way around Vital. Right now, the only green wheel I see on the screen is the Macro 1 which I set up to do this and it controls the frequency, but I think I’m probably not doing this the best way anyhow.

Thank you for replying.

Sorry I misunderstood a little bit, this should be more helpful:

When you click and drag your modulation from the macro to the LFO rate, a small green ring and bar appears on what you are modulating, in this case a small green wheel/bar should appear on/by the LFO rate and also on the Macro knob . You can click and drag that small wheel to determine the amount of the modulation, but more importantly this also controls the direction. Reverse that direction (when you click and drag it’s normally filling the wheel clockwise, but you want to drag it the other way, counterclockwise)

You might want to try right clicking the green wheel and choosing “unipolar” or “bipolar”, see which one suits you best.

The reason it’s backwards is because the lfo rate goes slower when it goes “up”.

Otherwise, if above is confusing:
In Matrix
You’ll have a list of all the modulations in the patch. There should be one for your Macro that connects it to LFO Rate. There should be a grey bar with a slider. This slider will be in the positive direction (to the right) reverse this bar in the other direction for the same amount.

Hopefully this helps but let me know if I’ve made it worse haha :slight_smile:

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Lol, no you didn’t make it worse than before, but I realized that I probably set the whole thing up wrong and I don’t think this is going to work. The mod wheel controls the depth of the vibrato on the patch fine, but I want my second wheel (cc5) to control the speed, and that’s the part that I simply can’t get to operate separately from the the other modulation; the way it is now, although the second wheel allows me to speed it up (like WAY too much), I cannot get it to slow down below the preset amount and it doesn’t really work right anyway. Vital doesn’t work the way I’m used to so I’m having a hard time figuring out how to set up the macro properly. On all the tutorials I’ve watched it seems simple, but when you have to do something outside of what you see in a tutorial it’s not always so easy.

Do you know of any patches that have a mod wheel set for depth of effect and a second controller set for rate? I could look at an example and maybe get a clue.

Sorry: Second wheel, as in your pitch wheel? I’m not sure if you can unbind it but maybe.
Or you have two available “mod wheels” ?

It just seems like your modulation amounts are off a bit?

Not to get advanced but you can also adjust the curve of the modulation effect in the matrix which might get it to respond in a way you prefer.

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Yeah, my keyboard has three wheels: a pitch wheel, a mod wheel (which I’m using to control the depth - successfully, I might add, lol), and a second mod wheel (which sends cc5 messages) which is the one I want to use to control the speed of the vibrato. I tried doing this directly in the matrix but I must not understand the process, as that definitely doesn’t work.

Searching around, I am thinking this could be an issue with the DAW. I use Reaper. I read several reports of FL users who couldn’t get kbd controllers to work in the plugin version of Vital but they worked fine in the standalone version. Perhaps something similar is going on.

Right clicking on any mod amount circles will allow you to set that mod assignment to bipolar mode. So, if you want the second mod wheel to adjust a value up and down, assign a macro to it in bipolar mode and use cc5 to control that macro.

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I just tried that and it seems to have worked! I now have both wheels working the way they are supposed to. Let me add the icing on the cake: can I use aftertouch to pitch bend when the lfo is already bending the pitch to create vibrato? My pitchwheel works fine, you just get an immediate response when you press aftertouch…as long as you can set it for just a half tone bend or maybe a full tone at the most (which is all I would use for that).

This is a Theremin patch, which is why I’m being so picky. I play a real Theremin and I’m trying to get a usable preset AND learn about Vital at the same time. Most Theremin patches I have come across are very one dimensional, with none of the wooly qualities that the real thing offers; this, at least, has two dimensions now. :slight_smile:

EDIT: yes, it does work to use aftertouch. This is so cool! I had to figure out that aftertouch is called “pressure” in Vital but apparently the default is a half step, which is perfect, so now I’ve got pretty much everything I hoped for from this voice.

Thanks so much for the replies, guys.

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Yup that’s just nomenclature. Some ppl differentiate between channel pressure and polyphonic aftertouch but that’s not universal. Pressure in Vital is poly.

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