My list of things I noted

Hello all!

I’ve been making a list of things that I think would work well for Vital but I really don’t want to make an individual post for each. I just want to get them out there.

It’s possible some of these have been mentioned already, if so, I apologize.

  • Allow saving presets to a custom folder to avoid having to do it manually
  • Drag-n-drop presets between folders in preset browser
  • When saving and overwriting, it actually saves it as a file in the user folder; just overwrite the direct file
  • Something to indicate when a folder contains other folders – Example: Wavetable list doesn’t make it obvious that subfolders exist; icons look the same
  • Importing anything always opens “This PC” in Windows Explorer. Set it to remember the last opened location for each import type
  • When importing anything: wavetable folders, preset banks, etc… allow importing multiple
  • Folder names cut off anything after the first “.” – Example: Folders named ‘Vol.3’ will only display ‘Vol’ in the software
  • Customization of Initialize Preset
  • Reordering of wavetable folder/presets - Maybe alphabetical or drag-n-drop
  • Right-click any of the modules (OSC1, OSC2… FILTER1-2… ENV, LFO) and have ability to:
    1. Reset to Initialize Preset’s default
    2. Reset to THIS Preset’s default
  • Copy & paste oscillators/filters/envelopes
  • Allow locking of all individual modules, so even selecting whole different presets, those locked modules remain
  • Save LFO grid with preset (don’t reset to 8-1)
  • Solo option for oscillators

Some of these may even be possible but I’ve overlooked something, please let me know and I’ll edit it out.


Just discovered another thing that would be helpful.

When using NOTE modulation, even maxxed out, it’s assuming I have a full 88-key controller and only covers a small range of whatever it’s modulating. I was having it modulate the wavetable position.
You can use bipolar to extend in one direction, but that limits the other direction further.

  • Add a lower/upper range control for NOTE modulation to allow more full range control on smaller keyboards.

  • When opening a wavetable preset in a specific folder, reopening the preset window refreshes to ALL; stop this.
  • Option for ENV/LFO delays to be tempo synced
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You can copy LFOs to other LFOs, you can even paste an LFO shape into an oscillator (not the other way around though). You can also copy/paste waveforms (or wavetables) between oscillators.

I do agree with a lot of these though, let’s see what happens in the upcoming updates!

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Ah, so you can!
Edited to reflect that, thanks.

The copying LFO to wavetable is interesting, I’ll have to experiment with that and see what I can get.