My free presets for Vital (dnb, retrowave, breaks, house)

Hello everybody! I am very inspired by this synthesizer. I decided to share my presets with you. Enjoy!


Wow ! Great groove. Me likes !!

can you share the mediafire version? i can’t download the zippyshare version because i worried if the site was not safe

virus total says it´s clean. but i only get 403 error with the link…

can’t download it from zippishare. Any chance someone can re-upload the file here?


I upload tomorrow

I reloaded the pack to dropmefiles. I hope everything downloads well. Here is the link

And a few more presets in addition to the pack that I made yesterday
Sub Subfocus.vital (394.9 KB) reez classic 3.vital (341.8 KB) Sub Subfocus 2.vital (394.9 KB) 80s retro.vital (320.2 KB) reez classic 2.vital (341.8 KB) Smear Peu.vital (320.2 KB) reez classic.vital (341.6 KB)