My First FREE Vitalbank for Yall!

hello! My name is Luciano, but you can also call me soda cuz of my username! I recently started to use Vital again and felt soooo inspired to make tons of presets with it! And I wanted to share these presets with all of you! They’re FREE and you can do whatever you want with 'em!
NOTE: I’m still a newbie at working with synths, but I think they’re worthy enough to upload and share them! I also used wavetables and other free resources from other people to make these presets!)

This Vitalbank includes weird and futuristic-sounding KEYS, PADS, LEADS and SFXs! you can use 'em and modify 'em and tweak 'em in whichever way you want!

Here’s the .ZIP file on Google Drive:

Thank you for checking out these presets and I hope they’re useful to someone! See ya!


good bless you

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Nice pack!!