Multiple-instances crashes reaper, so does changing presets quickly

Kubuntu 22.10 (tested kernels 5.19 through 6.2.6)
Ryzen 5700x
Radeon 5700xt
32gb Ram
nvme SSD(4tb)

I started a project that was working for the most part. Reaper would crashes if I clicked through presets in the vital preset browser to quickly but if I avoided that behavior everything was fine, then as the number of tracks with vital increased I started getting more and more crashes on project open. Eventually if I just kept retrying it would open but Now at 6 instances it won’t open at all unless I remove vital from the system load the project and eliminate a couple of vital tracks, then reinstall vital.

I’ve tried using various compatibility settings in reaper, i’ve tried tightening and loosening the latency settings in pipe-wire.

I am using a couple of Neural DSP plugins through wine along side but they run fine on their own.

Additional details.

Vital stand alone runs fine, Vital works fine if I keep the number of instances low, i’m using default skin. I have not yet tried clap or vst2 plugins. I still need to save all the presets i’ve generated one by one by loading the project with out vital and saving various versions with different tracks removed so I can load them up one by one with vital and save the presets for all the tracks so I can try rebuilding with vst2 or clap without losing hours and hours of work.

It appears the reaper process is being killed by the OS just glancing at the term output when I start Reaper their.

Try Signing out from the standalone and working offline

Forgot to mention I tried that, I did read through most of the crash posts to try and cover the known troubleshooting resolution methods. I might try and run gdb on reaper and see what I get.

On avl 21.3 I can run at least 4 vital vsts in ardour, but 3 instances of standalone will crash the system. There may be some coding needed to fix this issue.

I kept uninstalling vital then running the project, removing vital from a track, saving that as a new project, reinstalling vital and seeing if it would load until I determined it was actually just 1 track with vital using a tweaked 'metal strike" preset causing the issue and even removing the other 5 vital instances it still crashed with that one alone. I uninstalled vital one last time, loaded up the full original project, removed the fx from that one track, reinstalled vital…loaded the project with the other 5 vital tracks intact working and then converted them all to clap. added vital back to that track that was crashing using the preset I started out with previously and manually reapplied my changes (never got to save the changes on that preset as it started crashing before i did) and after rebuilding the fx on that one track all 6 vital instances are running in reaper without issue. I’m not sure if it was rebuilding fx on the broken track alone or switching to clap or the combine impact of both changes but I have 6 tracks running vital now without any issues.